18 February 2010

what been happening since last blog

Hi all

well since my last blog, I have completed 6 christmas quilts for the grandchildren, five were reversable quilt as you go after having lessons at a workshop with Jenny Forbes. Finished the last one for GD1 on Christmas eve, breaking my own rules and completing the binding by machine worked out well thankfully as this was the first time and is was 11pm Christmas eve when started the binding but all good.

Last night had my second class of making a bag with the Wednesday nite ladies at Joy's Crafty Katz in Kalgoorlie. One of the ladies was sewing for the very first time and is coming along beautifully.

Will have to learn how to do photo's, have to get Nicky over to show me how when she gets back from visiting the other 'owls'.

Have made two scrap and denim shaggy quilts, still have to do the snipping back and fluffing up but will leave that until it is cooler as I need to use the dryer.

2010 will be the year to try and complete my ufo's (hahahaha), well will give it a burl.

Yippee Jocelyne Leath is coming to Kalgoorlie to do a thread play workshop in a couple of weeks can't wait.